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"Looking for efficient transportation services such as transporting heavy equipment, bulk material, serving crowded areas ? Our Rail Freight Service is the answer to your logistic needs!"

Rail Freight

With increasing congestion on roads and climatic obstacles, our 48 years of experienced logistic experts designed a solution for the growing needs of the trade and industry in the Punjab province by providing direct train connectivity for logistic handling from Karachi port to northern industrial hub of the country. Marine group took the challenging initiative and established MICT (Marine International Container Terminal), which aimed at setting up a container freight station and logistics distribution center in Lahore to cater to the logistics requirement of the industrial center of Punjab. Direct railway tracks have been laid between the Prem Nager dry port Lahore and PICT container terminal at Karachi. Dedicated freight trains shall run constantly between Karachi port and MICT (ICD) Lahore.

With the reach of our global network of partners, Port Link is capable to develop tailor made solutions to handle rail logistics in china and Europe as well.