Capt. Haleem A. Siddiqui (Chairman)

"The moment you say I am satisfied you are finished. There is always a room for improvement, see what is happening around and be optimistic to find out what is there available for the betterment not only for yourself but for your people, your environment, your nation and for your country".
Capt.Haleem A. Siddiqui shared his thoughts and gave a message to nation during an interview with local media.
The Marine Group of Companies main focus has always been on creating innovative shipping and logistics related solutions for our customers. Almost half a century's service to Pakistan's trade has placed us in a strategic position to understand the needs of the country's diverse customer base and we have accordingly tailored our solutions which hold the potential of cost-effectively meeting the objectives for our prestigious clients.
Guided by our core values, today we stand firm in the logistics market as well and are serving the industry with our highly efficient staff with the same vigor in all areas of our multi-dimensional endeavors. With our experience and market trends we forecast the need for reliable and economical solutions that are closely aligned with Organizational needs.
Finally, I would like to thank you all and I would appreciate you to keep on giving us your views and creative suggestions to help us provide and serve you with superior products and services.

Warm Regards
Captain Haleem A. Siddiqui