About Marine Group

The Marine Group came into inception over four decades ago, with a vision to be of service to Pakistan's economy, through the provision of a variety of superior quality products and services to a cross-section of clientele, both locally and globally.
With the Group's first company, Premier Mercantile Services (Pvt.) Ltd., established in 1964, it has progressively grown manifold. Today, it is diversified into Maritime services, Stevedoring, Containerized Bulk and Break Bulk Terminal operations, Chartering of ships, Global Logistics and Supply Chain, Maritime Insurance, Information Technology & many more.
Led by a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals, the Marine Group continues to set new standards of excellence in the local economy, through satisfying its customers with world-class state-of-the-art products and services.
The Group's prestigious position is testimony of the visionary foresight and relentless efforts of the Group's leadership, which have led it to achieve many milestones and landmarks over the years, thus making it a benchmark in the economy of Pakistan

Marine Group History

"Worldwide Network and integrated Service Portfolio with more than 1,500 employees.
More than 50 years of Shipping and Logistics Excellence"

"At Marine Group of Companies, our clients expect excellence and we deliver nothing less."